Differentia International is dedicated to finding answers in a rapidly changing and increasingly specialized world. We provide technical consulting, market analysis and business development services for clients considering investments in quickly evolving and transformative technologies.

Our process begins by listening carefully to your goals and understanding the issues standing between you and your objectives. Once we understand the starting point and the anticipated obstacles, we assemble the right team of multidisciplinary subject matter experts to provide a fresh perspective and help chart a path to the destination. We respect intellectual property concerns and the need for confidentiality in today’s highly competitive world.

Technical Consulting

The rapid pace of technological change and high degree of specialization in today’s world make it difficult for organizations pushing technological boundaries to keep relevant expertise in house. We help clients bridge those gaps with qualified and highly specialized professionals able to support key initiatives.

International Trade

We can help clients considering expanding into new markets by establishing distribution networks, surveying potential field sites, assessing the regulatory environment, securing required permits and licenses and representing client interests at international forums.

Market Research

The market for new innovations can be challenging to forecast, especially for disruptive technologies. The level of social, political and regulatory acceptance of new products and services can have a significant impact on profitability and the viability of startups. We aim to reduce downside risk by assessing demand, social acceptance and regulatory outlook for new products.

Candidate Assessments

Differentia International will evaluate the professional credentials and technical aptitude of employment candidates or prospective partners. Interviews are done by professionals with expertise in the candidate’s field and can cover a broad range of desired qualifications.

Business Development

Our consistent engagement with accomplished professionals across academia, industry and the public sector gives Differentia International insight into current and future market demands. We cross-reference these demands against client capabilities and work to establish mutually beneficial collaborations.

Technical Document Translation

Our bilingual technical experts specialize in translating, editing, and proofreading technical documents, proposals, reports, patent applications, presentations, and manuscripts for scientific publications.

Inspired by an intense curiosity and a desire to work on the world’s most important problems, Differentia International was established in 2005 as a boutique consultancy for the Research and Development industry. It was founded on the belief that good ideas can come from anywhere, that collaboration enhances innovation and that there are few problems that ingenuity cannot solve.

What began as an idealistic notion and contracting convenience has grown by word of mouth over the years into an organization of creative problem solvers and technology adventurists.  We thrive on technical challenges, embrace international partnerships and have seen that solutions to technical problems are routinely proposed by those with expertise in other fields.  The key to our success has been the ability to listen carefully, ask the right questions, and assemble the right team of experts for any project while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.

Differentia International serves startups, large corporations, non-profit organizations and investment firms across the biotechnology, information technology, engineering services and energy sectors.  We welcome the chance to see what we can do for you.

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